Cure Insomnia with Oriental Medicine

Cure Insomnia with Oriental Medicine

With the Internet, television, and a generally busy life it’s no wonder you cannot get to sleep at night. Although it is more fun to stay awake, never underestimate how important it is to get the optimal amount of sleep at night. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, which could mean hours and hours of just laying down attempting to, only to realize it is morning. Millions of people across the globe are affected with this condition. Furthermore, serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, improper digestion, weak immune functionality, and extreme exhaustion could develop. If you are diagnosed with insomnia or cannot get to sleep at night, then stop wasting time experimenting with sleeping pills. The best solution to this problem is to find out what is causing your insomnia and fix it.

Prepare for Bed

The main cause of insomnia has to do with looking at bright lights hours before bed. Light watching television, playing video games, browsing the web, and having bright lights on in the room can prevent the body from going into sleep mode no matter how tired you are. Night is the time to settle down, so dim the lights and read a good book to get your body sleepy. Other options include taking a warm shower, meditation, and muscle relaxation exercises. Once you have figured out a good nighttime routine, you’ll notice how much faster you will be able to fall asleep and how much better you’ll feel the next day.
It is said that our body is only in its best conditions when our life energy is completely balanced. Oriental medicine states that yang energy is more active in the day while yin energy is active during the night. Yin energy is responsible for restoring and rejuvenating our bodies which occurs during sleep. It is also most prominent when we are deep in thought. Yang uses the energy built up by Yin, so there can only be a balance if the body is able to properly regenerate. When this energy is disrupted, it can lead to more serious problems than just a hard time sleeping. You’ll be more prone to illness and diseases as well as feel more stressed than usual. 


The speed in which you fall asleep and the quality of it can be improved with the help of exercise. Sleep is especially vital to those who want to build muscle as it is the time where the body repairs and torn muscles which makes them larger. Proper exercise will tire your body out and you’ll probably fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Be sure to work out three to five times per week for at least thirty minutes for maximum benefits.  Signing up with a personal trainer will insure best results.


Meditation is another popular technique people use before going to sleep at night. This will clear the mind of all of the thoughts that would normally keep you awake by relaxing every muscle in your body. Other benefits include a heightened self-awareness, improved mental conditions, and stress reduction. To help with meditation, it may be best to turn on ambient music, turn off electronic distractions such as your cell phone or computer, and make sure the room is a comfortable temperature.

Late Eating

Eating late at night can mess up the digestive system and raise blood sugar levels which will result in a problematic sleep pattern. It’s also best to avoid consuming substances that contain nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine several hours before bed. Eating large meals right before laying down can fat to store in your body. If you must eat, have a small fruit to subside the hunger.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Prolonged insomnia can lead to a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll feel extremely tired throughout the day with no patience for anything that bothers you. Headaches, nausea, and pain are all associated with this syndrome. Whether you have insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or feel tired in general, oriental medicine can help. Oriental techniques such as acupuncture has been proven to increase the body’s energy and promotes good health overall.


A recent study conducted by doctors in China reported that the oriental technique cupping is a valid treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome as well. The patients, aged twenty-eight to fifty-four, of the study ranged from having mild to severe symptoms such as muscle aches, gastrointestinal disturbances, short-term memory loss, exhaustion, insomnia, backaches, stomach pain, sore throat, abdominal distention, constipation, diarrhea headaches, or migraines. The study lasted for six weeks with two cupping treatments per week which result in significant improvements for all of the symptoms listed above.


A similar study researched by the First Affiliate Hospital of Guangzhou University in China tested the effect of acupuncture on this syndrome. The patients were split into two groups, one group received acupuncture while the second group received standard medical injections. Results showed that the acupuncture group had a much more significant boost in health than the injection group. Fatigue was much less prevalent in those who received acupuncture than injections as well. The studies above prove that oriental medicine and acupuncture should be researched even more so it can be considered an official treatment in medical offices.

If you need help treating any of the problems in the above article, then contact me so we can set up an oriental medicine appointment to get your body back to its best condition. Not only will your symptoms be treated, but you’ll feel better than ever and have a much stronger immune system than most.

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